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Pre- and Post-Surgical Management Programs

Our highly qualified staff of physical and occupational therapists work in close coordination with your surgeon to provide you with the necessary information and exercises pre-operatively.This education and training will ensure you are going into your procedure in your best possible physical status with the primary goal being an optimal recovery post-surgery.This pre-surgical education is accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Single pre-operative therapy consultation

  • Written material which has been produced by your surgeon in coordination with therapy

  • Group education occurs in situations like total knee and total hip replacement procedures where patients are encouraged to take part in “Joint Camp,” an instructional course which provides them  with valuable information about how they can best prepare for their procedure along with what a typical recovery looks like following

Immediately following surgery, your surgeon has already pre-planned the initial steps of your rehab with nursing and therapy staff to optimize your recovery. Our therapists work together with your surgeon to integrate the most current and scientifically proven protocols to optimize recovery for your specific procedure. At St. Francis, our team-rehab approach allows for a seamless post-operative recovery which minimizes complications and maximizes recovery in a safe and timely manner.