Our physicians are experts in treating allergy symptoms and most have completed training to become Fellows of The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy.  Most commonly treated conditions for allergies are allergic rhinitis (hay fever, seasonal allergies), dust mite, pet dander and molds. 

The Allergy Department tests for 30 different allergens and utilizes the latest technology for skin testing, The Multi Test II. This method of skin testing is easy, quick and eliminates needle fear. It includes one sterile and disposable unit with 8 heads to apply the test serum. The results are immediate and patients are provided with a copy of the test results. In addition, we offer intradermal testing to complete the allergy testing process. Anyone with positive allergy results is offered allergy shots or oral drops.

The shots are done in our office by our experienced allergy nurse. We recognize the importance of communication between the nurse, the doctor and the patient, in order to make the treatment process successful, so we encourage team work and regular progress reports. Allergy shots are only given when a physician is in the office in case of severe reactions. We do not test for food allergies.