Making Communities Healthier

Making Communities Healthier® is the mission of St. Francis. Whether by providing life-saving emergency care or heart surgery, participating in community events, or offering free seminars and health fairs, St. Francis focuses on caring for those we serve. The hospital’s associates continue building upon the 65+ year legacy of excellent healthcare St. Francis has established as well as exploring new ways to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we are honored to care for.  

St. Francis is a long-time supporter of many organizations through both monetary and in-kind donations made each year. It is our practice to contribute to activities, organizations and causes throughout the Greater Columbus region that align with our mission of Making Communities Healthier®.

Learn more in this section of our website about:

  • Auxiliary and volunteers which play such a significant role in providing compassionate support and services to patients, families and visitors
  • Community Benefit Report which provides a brief overview of the many ways we contribute, from community service to charity care to taxes paid
  • Chaplain Services, providing spiritual care for those we serve and those who serve
  • Medical Explorer Post for high school students exploring careers
  • PrimeTime organization for people ages 50+

As part of LifePoint Health, St. Francis continues our long-time charity care policies and a local Board of Trustees ensures the community’s voice in the governance of the hospital. Additionally, St. Francis is now a local taxpayer, providing a new source of tax revenues that benefits the community and helps support local projects, local schools and infrastructure in the Chattahoochee Valley. And, as it has since its founding, St. Francis continues to recognize the importance of “holy” when it comes to healing, placing priority on meeting the spiritual needs of patients, their families, and their friends through the Chaplain Services ministry and weekly services held in the hospital chapel.