Volunteer Opportunities

The St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary is an important link between the hospital and patients. Our volunteers help us provide a better experience for them and their families.

If you are interested, there are several ways you can volunteer.

  • Magazine Cart – a free service for patients and family members. Volunteers deliver magazines throughout the hospital, as well as waiting rooms and lobbies.
  • MSICU/CVU Waiting Room – greeting and offering comfort and support for those who have family members in the Medical Surgical and Cardiovascular intensive care units. Because visitors are only permitted in MSICU and CVU at brief, designated times, family members spend much of their time waiting in this area.
  • Cheer Cart – bringing soft drinks and snacks to patients, visitors, and employees. Volunteers push the cart, sell the merchandise, and spread good cheer.
  • Nancy Saunders Smith Gift Shop and Butler Boutique – acting as salespeople, helping with displays, and performing other retail functions.
  • Information Desk – working closely with admissions personnel to give information to visitors and entering patients, as well as assisting with telephone calls. The Information Desk in the front lobby is where many visitors form their first impressions of St. Francis.
  • Cath Lab, Radiology, and OR Surgical Waiting Room – Greeting patients and family members, offering comfort and compassion, and tending to their needs while at the hospital.

To learn more about volunteering at St. Francis, call (706) 596-4253.