St. Francis Holds Graduation for Cohort 23 Fall Nurse Residents

October 27, 2020

St. Francis Francis-Emory Healthcare held its Cohort 23 Nurse Residency Graduation on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. A total of twenty-four nurse residents graduated from the 14-week program. The outstanding resident award was presented to Estin Martin. The speaker was former nurse resident Allison Gooden, RN, who works in the St. Francis Emergency Department.  

"As a former nurse resident, each cohort graduation reminds me of my graduation from the St. Francis Nurse Residency Program”, said Tricia Hamid, St. Francis nurse residency manager. “Cohort 23 overcame many obstacles while working in a forever changing dynamic healthcare environment and being a novice nurse during the current pandemic. I commend each of them and encourage them to keep on learning and growing.”

The St. Francis Nurse Residency Program utilizes Patricia Benner's "Novice to Expert" model to assist new graduate nurses in moving from the classroom to an acute care setting. Residents are trained to provide patient-focused care centered on Clinical Excellence. During the program, Residents alongside a preceptor and attend one professional development class per week. The clinical and classroom experience provides the confidence and education needed to deliver high quality and patient-centered care, preparing them for a challenging and rewarding career as a nurse. Competency assignments, progress reports, and evaluation tools are utilized to demonstrate the learning outcomes that have been achieved.

To be a St. Francis Nurse Resident requires compassion and an unyielding passion to provide the best care for the members of our community. Applications are currently being accepted for the Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Class and may be completed by clicking here. The deadline to apply is December 13, 2020.