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Cardiac Rehab Program

Cardiac Rehab is a prescribed cardiac treatment regimen that involves a medical and physical evaluation as well as nutrition and medication education for a patient after a cardiac incident. We provide an individualized exercise program that will address the cardiac disease and interventions of the patient. Our goal is to improve their strength and stamina so our patients will be able to return to their usual daily routine. All physical activities are performed using a cardiac monitoring system, with a registered nurse and exercise specialists. 

Anyone with a history of heart disease or who is at risk of heart disease is a prime candidate for the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. The program is designed for patients who have experienced:

  • Heart Attack
  • Coronary Bypass Surgery
  • Angioplasty/Stent
  • Angina Pectoris (Chest Pain)
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • Pacemakers/Internal Cardiac Defibrillators (ICD)

How it Works

  • To participate, a physician referral is required. We will work with your physician to obtain the needed information.
  • You will exercise in our monitored program. An individual exercise program will be designed for you.
  • We will teach you the skills and tools you and your family need to monitor your progress so that you can eventually exercise independently.

Program Components

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation program emphasizes a safe and personalized approach to recovery through the three "E's":

A safe, personalized exercise program designed to speed your recovery and improve your overall health.

Classes on heart-healthy eating, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes control, stress management and smoking cessation to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Ongoing support from our cardiac rehab team and a built-in support group of others in the program.


Our Location

St. Francis Cardiac Rehab is located at The Wellness Center

St. Francis Wellness Center
2000 16th Avenue, Building 4
Columbus, Georgia 31901
706. 596.4050
Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed