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Hospitalist Service

While you are a patient at St. Francis-Emory Healthcare you may not be seen by your primary care physician, but by a Hospitalist, who specializes in caring for patients during their hospitalizations. St. Francis has established a team of highly-qualified, experienced Hospitalists to provide care for you throughout your hospital stay, while coordinating the details of your care with your primary care doctor.

What’s the role of the Hospitalist in my care?

A Hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists have received a medical degree and are board-certified in either Internal Medicine or Family Practice. The Hospitalist will assess and treat your medical condition and coordinate your hospital care, including all diagnostic tests such as x-rays, blood tests or other exams.

Why would my primary care doctor want a Hospitalist to oversee my care while I’m hospitalized?

No one can be in two places at the same time. So while your primary care doctor is at the office seeing patients, he/she relies on the Hospitalists to oversee your care in the hospital. There are many advantages to this practice. Because Hospitalists are inside the hospital 24/7, they are able to track test results and order necessary follow-up tests promptly. They are also available to arrange any specialty care in a timely manner, meet with family members and quickly respond to issues that may arise during your hospital stay.

Will my primary care doctor know what is happening about my health and condition while I am in the hospital?

Yes, your own physician is notified upon your admission and will be notified of any significant changes that occur during your hospital stay. The Hospitalist team will keep your personal doctor informed of your progress and receive feedback from your doctor as needed.

How will my doctor know I have been discharged from the hospital?

Once you are discharged, your doctor is notified and details of your hospitalization are communicated. Every effort is made to assure a smooth transition back to your primary care doctor.