Nurse Midwife Services

The midwives of St. Francis OBGYN Associates provide a full range of women’s health care services, including routine gynecological exams, family planning services, preconception care, prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Trained in both nursing and midwifery, midwives (sometimes also called “nurse midwives”) are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB).   

The midwives work with the physicians of OBGYN Associates in a collaborative fashion to be sure that each woman’s health concerns are comprehensively addressed, even if they have a gynecologic surgical need or develop a high risk pregnancy condition.

Many of our patients choose and are assisted in having unmedicated births. For those who do not, we offer IV analgesia, and our excellent team of anesthesia professionals are available on the unit 24 hours a day to place epidurals for labor comfort. Our goal is for each woman to be able to have the birth experience she wants, with the focus first on quality and safety.

Providing excellent care in the community for almost 20 years, the midwives of St. Francis OBGYN Associates have assisted thousands of satisfied families who honor them by bringing their sisters, best friends, and daughters, for midwifery care.

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What is a midwife?

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are licensed health care providers educated in nursing and midwifery. CNMs have graduated from college; they have passed a national examination; and they have a license to practice midwifery in the state in which they serve.

What do midwives do?

Midwives provide health care to women, including prenatal care, birth, care after birth, PAP screening and annual exams, birth control planning, preconception counseling, STI screenings, health counseling and gynecologic services.

Why would I choose a midwife for care during my pregnancy?

Midwives specialize in providing support, and education in pregnancy. Midwives are experts in knowing the difference between normal changes that occur during pregnancy and symptoms that require extra attention.  Every step of the way, your midwife can assess your progress and make recommendations to help you maintain your best health, and hopefully deliver a healthy baby.

What if I want pain medication during labor?

If you think you want pain medication during labor, your midwife will give you information about the medicines available so you can decide what is right for you. We are able to utilize both IV analgesia options and epidural anesthesia for our clients.

Why would I choose a midwife over a traditional OB/GYN physician?

Midwife means “with woman.” This translates to a more holistic patient centered approach, including more time at appointments, more emotional support and a more open discussion about a birth plan. Midwives typically work with low-risk, healthy pregnancies. If a complication arises, the midwife has direct access to a physician for consultation and co-management of your care if needed.

What if I have a “high-risk” pregnancy or complication during labor?

If you have a pre-existing medical problem or complication during pregnancy or labor, your midwife will work with a doctor to make sure you get the safest care for you and your baby. Your midwife will also work with other health care providers, including nurses, social workers, nutritionists, childbirth educators and physical therapists to help you get the care you need.

Our midwives generally transfer patients to MD care at menopause or as needed for problem management prior to menopause.    

To learn more about midwives, see the video below: