St. Francis Urology

Urology is a sensitive issue for many people and can include sometimes embarrassing health issues, such as incontinence or sexual problems.

Wylly Killorin, MD, a urologist with St. Francis Hospital, approaches every condition with empathy and compassion while talking patients through their options for a variety of treatments.

What We Treat

Dr. Killorin treats all general urologic conditions, including treatments for:

• Kidney stones, made up of minerals, can get lodged in the urinary tract, causing pain in your lower abdomen or back.

• Enlarged prostate, a gland located near the male bladder, can grow in size and cause infections or pain in the lower body near the groin.

• Vasectomy (male birth control)

• Urinary incontinence, or problems controlling when you urinate

Dr. Killorin specializes in:

• Non-cancerous diseases of the prostate

• Kidney stone disease

• Prostate, kidney & bladder cancers

• Vasectomy (in office)

• Overactive bladder

• Cystoscopy

• Nerve stimulation therapy

• Sexual dysfunction

• Urodynamic evaluation

Our Location

St. Francis Urology
St. Francis Hospital, Woodruff Pavilion
2300 Manchester Expressway, Suite A002
Columbus, Georgia 31904